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10th DATTArc, 2018 2018 DATTArc Conference Proceedings - 4MB Abstract
Kurt Seemann, P John Williams
10th DATTArc, 2018 A change in Course Abstract
Larry Spry
10th DATTArc, 2018 A Fact-finding Survey on Student's Information Morals and Security at the Time of Graduation from Junior High School Abstract
Ryoichi Oguma, Toshikazu Yamamoto
10th DATTArc, 2018 a Lesson to think about the actual state of energy supply in Japan and future energy use on our living Abstract
Kimihito Takeno, Toshikazu Yamamoto, Kouhei Suzuki
10th DATTArc, 2018 A proposal for learning of programming focused on IoT Abstract
Yuji Kudo, Toshikazu Yamamoto, Takenori Motomura, Jun Moriyama, Kazuhiro Sumi, Seiya Takishima
10th DATTArc, 2018 Academic Design: Towards a definition in a product design context Abstract
Roderick Walden, Ilpo Koskinen
10th DATTArc, 2018 Always Was, Always Will Be – Aboriginal Knowledge and STEM Abstract
Maddison Miller
10th DATTArc, 2018 Applied Design Led Innovation: Why D&T is the only subject that can deliver Abstract
Kurt Seemann
10th DATTArc, 2018 Assuring a future for design and technology by embedding classroom formative assessment Abstract
Eva Hartell
10th DATTArc, 2018 Barriers to commercialization of Botswana’s Design and Technology output Abstract
Polokano Sekonopo
10th DATTArc, 2018 Connecting with Regional members Abstract
Larry Spry
10th DATTArc, 2018 Creativity in Design and Technologies education: preservice teachers’ perspectives Abstract
Belinda von Mengersen
10th DATTArc, 2018 Critical Questions, Creative Solutions How can Initial Teacher Education programs better prepare graduates to understand and teach STEM Abstract
Denise MacGregor, Bruce White, Debora Panizzon, Derek Rogers
10th DATTArc, 2018 Defining a curriculum through activity: Facilitating epistemic autonomy in technology education Abstract
Andrew Doyle, Niall Seery, Lena Gumaelius
10th DATTArc, 2018 Design and Technology Education for, through, about and against design – valuing 4-D approaches. Abstract
Steve Keirl
10th DATTArc, 2018 Designing Change - A Streamed Video Presentation Abstract
Leyla Acaroglu
10th DATTArc, 2018 Development and practice of technology education classes based on products disassembly under the conditions of Japanese Course of Study Abstract
Kento TSUTSUMI, Shuhei BAN, Chikahiko YATA
10th DATTArc, 2018 Development of hydroponics teaching tools for root vegetables Abstract
Masanao Satou, Toshikazu Yamamoto
10th DATTArc, 2018 From the Living World to Digital Technologies: Programming food and fibre learning experiences for children and young people Abstract
Angela Turner, Leanne Cameron
10th DATTArc, 2018 Gaming Materials to Promote Substantial Understanding of Technology: Interrelationship among Designs, Characteristics, and Social Influences of Systems Abstract
Toshiki Matsuda, Fumiya Kanai
10th DATTArc, 2018 How expert technology teachers try to promote students’ creativities? : From the results of semi structured interviews Abstract
Jun Moriyama
10th DATTArc, 2018 Identifying and defining the activities that are maker education: An international view Abstract
David Ellis
10th DATTArc, 2018 In support of authentic research practice in design education Abstract
Deborah Louise Cameron, Anton Oskar Nemme
10th DATTArc, 2018 Learning Strategies to Support Design for Emerging Manufacturing Methods Abstract
Stefan Lie
10th DATTArc, 2018 Lesson Development with "Dyson Engineering Box" as a Global Teaching Material under Japanese Technology Education Abstract
Norihiro MUKAIDA, Chikahiko YATA
10th DATTArc, 2018 Pedagogies and practices for developing innovation capability: Beyond the AITSL standards Abstract
Esther Wilkes Hill, Therese Keane, Kurt Seemann
10th DATTArc, 2018 Practice and Evaluation of STEM Education through Elementary School Programming Learning Abstract
Ayaka Murakami, Toshikazu Yamamoto, Takenori Motomura, Jun Moriyama, Masakatsu Kuroda
10th DATTArc, 2018 Preparing the next generation of technology and design teachers Abstract
Lincoln Gill
10th DATTArc, 2018 Problem-based learning in Design and Technology Abstract
Brad Walmsley
10th DATTArc, 2018 Progressing the professional identity of pre service Technology Education students. Abstract
Deborah Lee Trevallion
10th DATTArc, 2018 Systems Engineering: Identification and fostering of inferential and social skills Abstract
Milorad Cerovac, Therese Keane, Kurt Seemann
10th DATTArc, 2018 Team Designing: A case study in conformity and rationalisation Abstract
Nigel Bruce Goodwin
10th DATTArc, 2018 The Future of Design and Technology Education Abstract
Peter Murphy
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