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TERC 2016 Preamble and ToC

TERC 2016 Conference Proceedings Preamble
Howard Middleton

TERC 2016 Full Proceedings

TERC 2016 Full Proceedings
Howard Middleton

TERC 2016 Peer Reviewed Papers

Constitution of an Information Ethics Instruction Model Based on Personal Traits
Tetuya Bando, Jun Moriyama
Are the T and E Dimensions Being Recognised in the Australian Stem Education Discourse?
John Barlow, David Ellis
The Unified National System: Implications for NSW Technology Teacher Education
John Barlow
Assessment in Design and Technology: An Analysis Of Teachers’ Practices
Chandan Boodhoo, John P Williams
Transforming Challenges in Design and Technology Teaching: a case study
Ron Corso, Anna Brown
Demographic and Experiential Predictors of Conceptions of Technology and Science Education: What’s Important in Teacher Ed?
M. G. R. Courtney, K Lee, A McGlashan, M Toso, P Neveldsen
Using International Exchange Opportunities to Promote Acquiring "Knowledge of the Situation" Necessary to Cultivate Engineers' Morality among High School Students
Shinichi Endo, Toshiki Matsuda
Design and Technology Teachers need to become the Pied Pipers of Engagement and Inclusion
Lillian Everitt, Eddi Pianca
Framing Processes of Technology Education Students
Nigel B Goodwin
STEM Pedagogies: Provoking Ideas through an Investigation of the Technologies Australian Curriculum
Kathryn Grushka, Genevieve Mosely
On the Issue of Abstraction in Relation to Education
Steve Harfield
The Idea of Silence in Relation to Teaching and Learning
Steve Harfield
Bridging Teaching and Learning in Technology Education
Eva Hartell
Using a Design Technology Project as the Basis for Improving Student Understandings and Attitudes
Ryan Healy, Coral Campbell
Teaching and Learning Australian Indigenous Knowledge
Micael Hromek
Three Dimensional Printing as a Way to Create an Engaging and Meaningful Context for Learning
Wendy Jobling, George Aranda
Design Talk: Discussion as Development
Richard Kimbell
A Review of the Australian Curriculum: Technologies Contexts and Connections
Julie King
Outcomes to Reach Feminist Goals for Technology Education
Vicki Knopke
Design, Technologies, and Industry Partnerships
Denise MacGregor, Bruce White
Technological Ways of Viewing and Thinking: What is it and how can it be cultivated?
Toshiki Matsuda
Technology Education: Providing Strategies for Creative Learning or: Doing More than Making, Shaking and Breaking
Howard Middleton
The Impact of a Learning Experience Outside the Classroom on the Creative Design Solutions of Five-Year Old Students in Technology Education
Louise Milne
Teachers’ Strategies for Supporting Students’ Problem Solving in Project-Based Technology Education
Jun Moriyama, Yusuke Satou, Masaaki Nishi, Keita Sera, Neotaka Hagimine, Tetuya Bando
Proposal of Learning Method that Leads to Optimal Design in Technology Education
Norihiro Mukaida, Chikahiko Yata
A Comparison of Student’s Attitude towards Information Education among Junior and Senior High Schools in Japan, Korea, China and Slovenia
Ayaka Murakami, Jun Moriyama, Kazuhiro Sumi, Toshikazu Yamamoto, Yuji Kudo
Identifying and Reducing Iteration Deficit in Product Design Projects
Anton Nemme, Roderick Walden
Managing Constraints in Design Projects to Encourage Making, Iterative Design and a Deeper Learning Experience
Berto Pandolfo
Rich Learning Contexts, Big Design Challenges: Placing Relevance and Agency at the Core of Learning and Teaching Design and Technology
Kay Stables
An Examination of Control Programming Learning in Japan Based on System and Design Thinking
Kazuhiro Sumi, Toshikazu Yamamoto, Akira Kikuchi, Yuya Hirakawa
Design-Led Innovation for Learning and Assessment in Food Education
Angela Turner
Textile Zeitgeist: Real-World Learning OpportunitIes in Textiles and Design Technology
Belinda von Mengersen
From STEM to STEMaker Education: A deliberation on the purpose and promise in Hong Kong context
Kin Kwok Wan, Alan Ka Lin Wong
Learning through Research
John P Williams
Current Points of Contention on Technology Education in the Next Revised National Curriculum in Japan
Sadato Yamazaki, Masataka Isobe, Yasumasa Oomori, Tomohiro Ueno
Historical Development and Perspectives of Technology and Vocational Education in Japan
Tsunetaka Yokoo, Masao Uesato, Kyoko Uesato

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