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TERC 2012 Preamble and ToC

Conference Preamble and ToC Volume 1
Howard Middleton
Conference Preamble and ToC Volume 2
Howard Middleton

TERC 2012 Full Proceedings

Conference Full Proceedings Volume 1
Howard Middleton
Conference Full Proceedings Volume 2
Howard Middleton

TERC 2012 Peer Reviewed Papers Volume 1

What constitutes good learning in technology education: how can we ensure that technology education graduates can provide it?
Stephanie Atkinson
Negotiating the Vacuum: constructing and applying assessment criteria to focus design learning
Jennifer Bain
Engaging trainee teachers of science and design & technology in cross curricula collaboration – a case study
David Barlex, Sarah Davies, Alison Hardy
Some thoughts on the diseconomy of the NSW technology education curriculum
John Barlow
Conformity or diversity: developing creativity in design and technology in the early years
Clare Benson
Analysis of a program to promote Design Education in rural Queensland Secondary Schools
Michael Berry
Integrating technology and science– an opportunity missed!
Coral Campbell, Wendy Jobling
Student understanding of the relationship between fit for purpose and good design: does it matter for technological literacy?
Vicki Compton, Ange Compton, Moira Patterson
Development of a new high school instructional material for engineers’ moral education: Introducing Science and Technology communication
Shinichi Endo, Toshiki Matsuda
The development of an educational compact computer for programming learning
Shinichi Fujita
TPCK: What happens when the ‘T’ is also the" "‘C’?
Lincoln Gill
Developing flexible, adaptable and self-regulated students in the technology classroom
Nigel B Goodwin
Developing a framework for Training Design and Technology Teachers
Alison Hardy, David Barlex
Controls behind the scenes: On Position, Ideology, and Expectation
Steve Harfield
Design problems, satisficing solutions, and the designer as formalizing agent: Revisiting wicked problems
Steve Harfield
GPS-Performance in Technology Education Part II
Eva Hartell
Use of Video-Clip examples to interview Japanese Special Education Teachers about their teaching strategies
Yoriko Kikkawa, Fiona Bryer
Development and Application of STEAM" "program for Technology Teachers in Korean Elementary and Middle Schools
Bang-Hee Kim, Sang-Ho Woo, Seung-Gyun Oh, Jinsoo Kim
Trends and challenges in technology and innovation in Kenya: an analysis of final year students’ projects
Kisilu M Kitainge
Evaluation of the Moi University’s Master’s Program in Technology Education
Kisilu M Kitainge
Exploring the what and why questions in Technology Education Research and Research Training
Helen Klieve, Howard Middleton

TERC 2012 Peer Reviewed Papers Volume 2

Gender and Technology Education: Some Theoretical Implications.
Vicki Knopke
Technology clustering issues: Understanding problems in prediction
Vasilije Kokotovich
Changing the emphasis of learning through making in Technology Education
Jennifer Loy, Sam Canning
The value of mentoring: A strategy for beginning Design and Technology teacher retention
Denise MacGregor
Development of a Teacher Education program and virtual lesson game for information studies
Toshiki Matsuda, Kazue Tamada
Generic green skills: Can they be addressed through Technology Education?
Magarita Pavlova
Determinants of good practices in technology education
Aki Rasinen, Sonja Virtanen, Pasi Ikonen
Professional Development Needs for Technology Education
John Ritz, Gene Martin
Culture in the Technologies Curriculum: Learning from Aboriginal Australia for creating preferred futures
Deborah Rockstroh
The Significance of Early Childhood Teachers’ Conscious Awareness of Technology: Australian and Singaporean perspectives
Jill Robbins, Robyn Babaeff
Integrative Stem Education as “Best Practice”
Mark Sanders
Technology Teachers as Researchers: The Tuff Experience
Inga-Britt Skogh, Lena Gumaelius
Teacher’s professional growth in planning and teaching technological systems
Maria Svensson, Claes Klasander
"The Technologies" curriculum area as is manifested within Australian curriculum, assessment and reporting authority
Deborah Trevallion, Donna Owen
Using an iPad-presented social story to increase on-task behaviours of a young child with Autism
Julianne Vandermeer, Todd Milford, Wendi Beamish, Wayne Lang
Supporting student learning in relation to entrepreneurial innovation in self-initiated industrial design major projects
Roderick Walden, Vasilije Kokotovich
Technology Teachers PCK: The need for a conceptual revision
P John Williams

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