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TERC 2014 Preamble and ToC

Conference Preamble and ToC Volume 1
Howard Middleton
Conference Preamble and ToC Volume 2
Howard Middleton

TERC 2014 Full Proceedings

Conference Full Proceedings Volume 1
Howard Middleton
Conference Full Proceedings Volume 2
Howard Middleton

TERC 2014 Peer Reviewed Papers Volume 1

Pupils’ understanding of robotics as a disruptive technology
David Barlex, Torben Steeg
Challenging technological identities in contemporary technology teacher education
John Barlow, Belinda von Mengersen
Design, Creativity and Technology in Victorian schools: a process “missing in action”?
Coral Campbell, Wendy Jobling
Mechanisms employed by primary school children to establish and maintain collaboration and achieve exploratory talk to enable enhanced problem-solving
Caroline Colfer
Student perceptions of the use of e-portfolios in the assessment of collaborative group technology projects
Richard Edwards
Design framework of instructional materials for engineers’ moral education in an introduction to technology education
Shinichi Endo, Toshiki Matsuda
Dimensions for assessment of technology
Wendy Fox-Turnbull
The Effect of Design and Drawing Education Using 3D-CAD, and Paper Models
Shinichi Fujita
The necessity of making mistakes in the Technology classroom
Nigel B Goodwin
Talking about the future: What makes secondary-school students Choose or avoid a technology career?
Jan Grenholm, Edvard Nordlander
Liminality, Transition, Transformation – and Educational ‘Re-Thinking’
Steve Harfield
Unpacking 'Emergence'
Steve Harfield
Criteria for Success Emphasized by Primary Technology Teachers
Eva Hartell, Inga-Britt Skogh
Similarities and Differences between the Current Course of Study in Technology Education in Japan from 2008, “Design and Technology" in the National Curriculum in England from 2014 and Standards for Technological Literacy in the USA from 2000
Masataka Isobe, Sadato Yamazaki
The Model Solar Boat Challenge – A STEM project that engages students in learning
Wendy Jobling, Coral Campbell
The national and the local: conflicting requirements in the assessment of learners’ performance
Richard Kimbell

TERC 2014 Peer Reviewed Papers Volume 2

Assessment of thinking in the Australian Curriculum: Technologies
Julie King
Females in technology; on the other side of the glass
Vicki Knopke
Artifactual literacy: Using textile artifacts to support the development of children’s emerging literacy
Denise MacGregor, Ellie Clark
How to promote the integration of" "technology education into lessons by mathematics and science teachers
Toshiki Matsuda
The dialogic journal: documenting the inner drama of creative processing
Ann McGlashan
Perspectives on Practice: Towards a Technologically Literate community
Ann McGlashan, Paul Neveldsen
Taking design from concept to production and the consumer
Berto Pandolfo
Food technology: an initial exploration into its educational purposes
Marion Rutland, Gwyneth Owen-Jackson
Advanced manufacturing school pathways program - Hunter region New South Wales
Scott Sleap
STEM interaction in a Technological Design Context
T Mathew Thomas, P John Williams
Bring your own device (BYOD) and the digital technology curriculum
Deborah Trevallion, Ahmed Hamed
Analysing the Australian obesity epidemic’s role in the "design and technologies” national curriculum
Deborah Trevallion, Donna Owen
Design cognition of high school students: Initial comparison of those with and without pre-engineering experiences
John Wells, Matthew Lammi, Michael Grubbs, John Gero, Marie Paretti, Christopher Williams
Validity of Instructional Practice: Design Based Biotechnology Literacy and Imposed Cognitive Demands
John Wells
Research developments in technology education
P John Williams

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