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TERC 2010 Preamble and ToC

Conference Preamble and ToC Volume 1
Howard Middleton
Conference Preamble and ToC Volume 2
Howard Middleton
Conference Preamble and ToC
Howard Middleton

TERC 2010 Full Proceedings

Conference Full Proceedings Volume 1
Howard Middleton
Conference Full Proceedings Volume 2
Howard Middleton

TERC 2010 Peer Reviewed Papers Volume 1

Science and Technology for the Future:Needs of Future Employees and Implications for Education
Liesbeth Baartman, Koeno Gravemeijer
The emerging nature of technological knowledge in the secondary school curriculum in England as revealed through successive curriculum development activities
David Barlex
An Evaluation of Student-Teaching Evaluation
Scott Bartholomew
What is the most effective method of computer-based multimedia and technology instruction?
Scott Bartholomew
Twenty Years of Primary Design and Technology in England: Winners and Losers
Clare Benson
The Dual Memory Systems Model and it’s implications for Technology Education.
Lars Bjorklund, Karin Stolpe
Holistic Learning in the Dual Education System: A Study of Technical Vocational Education at Upper Secondary School
Veronica Bjurulf
Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching Systems Engineering in Victorian Secondary Schools
Mike Brown
Technological Thinking in Primary-aged Children
Coral Campbell, Beverley Jane
The Technological Knowledge of Early Childhood Pre-service Educators
Coral Campbell
A study on student technological creativity through web-based problem solving activities
Yu-Shan Chang
Putting the Design into Computer Aided Design
Ivan Chester
Architecture Insights: Built Environment Education
Kate Doyle, Kim Ihnatko, Julie King, Robert Staples
Evolution of STEM in the United States
William E Dugger
Informing the Design of Teacher Education Programs: The Need for Developing Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Glenn Finger, Helen Klieve, Wayne Lang, Sarah Prestridge, Jason Zagami
On enhancements to ritualistic design process knowledge
Nigel B Goodwin
Technology Education Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Collaborative Research Study between New Zealand and South Africa
Mishack T Gumbo, P John Williams
Pre-Service Stem Teachers’ Professional Journey: Three Peas in a Pod?
Graham Hardy, David Spendlove
GPS-Performance in Technology Education
Eva Hartell
Do Artefacts Reflect our Thinking about Gender
Helena Isaksson Persson
Knowing as a process: task-related knowledge and the challenge of capability
Richard Kimbell

TERC 2010 Peer Reviewed Papers Volume 2

Images of Engineering According to Swedish Youth
Patricia Kingdon
Accessing Practitioner Expertise Through Online Survey Tool LimeSurvey
Helen Klieve, Wendi Beamish, Fiona Bryer, Robyn Rebollo, Heidi Perrett, Jeroen van den Muyzenberg
Design Communication for Technology Education
Keelin Leahy, William Gaughran
Developing Knowledge for Professional Renewal – The Place of UnderGraduate Research in Design and Technology Education
Denise MacGregor
Modes, Positions, and Locations: Do they make a Difference in Student Success? Implications for Technology Teacher Education
Gene Martin
Integrating Consumer Education and Technology Education: Development of Gaming Instructional Material Based on a Three-Way Interaction Model
Toshiki Matsuda, Tomoko Torido
How stuff is made: young children’s views of the technological process before and after a visit to a chocolate factory.
Louise Milne, Richard Edwards
Elements of Sustainable Development in Technical & Vocational Subjects in Secondary School in Malaysia
Asnul Dahar Minghat, Ruhizan M Yasin, Ramlee Mustapha, Margarita Pavlova
Redesigning Education for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation as Stem Education
Hitoshi Morikawa, Toshiki Matsuda, Masachika Tanigawa, Sonoko Hori
What Technological Knowledge do Pre Service Student Teachers need?
Moira Patterson
Creativity and Critical Thinking in Technology Classrooms
Gerda M Reitsma
Early Childhood Teachers’ Knowledge in Technology Education: Rural and Urban Perspectives
Jill Robbins, Robyn Babaeff, Jacinta Bartlett
What everyone should know about Science and Technology: A Study on the Applicability of the Canon of Science in Primary Education
Ellen Rohaan, Hanno van Keulen
Food Technology in Secondary School in England: Further work on its place in the Education of a Technologically Advanced Nation
Marion Rutland
Teachers becoming Researchers = A way to bridge the gap between Academy and Practice
Inga-Britt Skogh
Quality Learning for Technology Education: An Effective Approach to Target Achievement and Deeper Learning
Paul Snape
Women in Stem: The Role of Context
Anna Stenkvist
Importing Science and Technology Education: Challenges of data Collection and Analysis with Large Samples
Hiajun Svardh
Constructing Game Design Principles for Cultivating Attitudes based on the Three-Way Interaction Model: Development of Gaming Instructional Material for Information Ethics
Kouta Tabei, Toshiki Matsuda
Learning by inquiry into natural phenomena and construction of their robotic representations
Igor M Verner, Dan Cuperman
Technology Education: Towards a Conceptualisation of Higher-Order Thinking
Brad Walmsley
Authentic Assessment of Student Performance
P John Williams
Building a New Future for Technology Education on the Chinese Mainland and in Hong Kong
Yi Lin Wong, Wei-wei Feng, Kin Wai Michael Siu

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