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TERC 2006 Preamble and ToC

Conference Preamble and ToC
Howard Middleton, Margarita Pavlova, Dick Roebuck

TERC 2006 Full Proceedings

Conference Full Proceedings
Howard Middleton, Margarita Pavlova, Dick Roebuck

TERC 2006 Peer Reviewed Papers

Sustainable Assessment: Exploring a learner centered approach in practice
Jennifer Bain, Susan V McLaren
Are we really attracting the "right" students into technology teacher education programs?
John Barlow
Imagery training: A strategy to assist students' ideation
Roy Barnes
A methodology for capturing metacognitive activity in hypermedia learning settings
Fred Beven
Leading learning in technology education: shared values within a technology department
Kris Blewett, Bronwen Cowie
Attracting students into technology teacher education programs
Ivan Chester
Museum pedagogy in technology education: Museums as resources for meaningful learning in technology education
Kevin Collins
Whose values? Is the use of technology in education contributing to the unsustainability of humankind and its relationship with the earth?
Rupert Collister
Futureintech: Exploring links between student attitudes, understandings and careers in technology
Vicki Compton
Technological literacy in New Zealand: The key role of values
Vicki Compton
Values in technology education: Examining four framing orientations from current literature
Kerrie Coughlan, Kathryn Grushka
Textiles: Much more than a girl's past-time
Louise DuVernet
Teaching values through technology education: A discussion of the challenges facing the teacher as professional gatekeeper
Christine Edwards-Lei, Steve Keirl
Learning from industry-education partnerships: The microsoft innovative teacher scholarship programme (MInTS)
Garry Falloon
A case study of building an inclusive environment for students with disabilities in Taiwanese colleges and universities of Technology
Jing-Yun Fan, Dan-Pai Feng, Ming-Hu Chang, Liang-Yuan Hsiung
Developing an internet knowledge management attitude scale for primary school teachers
Rong-Jyue Fang, Hung-Jen Yang, Hua-Lin Tsai, Chi-Jen Lee, Chien-Chung Lin
Thinking about design: Critical theory of technology and the design process
Andrew Feenberg, Patrick Feng
Developing a values-based approach to technology education: Ethical appropriateness of design solutions
Glenn Finger, Romina Jamieson-Proctor
The implementation of technology education: Intrinsic and extrinsic challenges for Queensland teachers
Glenn Finger, Belinda Houguet
Values associated with technology mediated adult mathematics education
Gail E FitzSimons
New Zealand beacon practice- technology: Supporting student learning and resource development in the technology education
Cliff Harwood
Whose values are being promoted in technology education?: A case for family values
Beverley Jane, Jill Robins
Factors influencing on development of students' technological creativity in technology education
Su-Jin Jung, Chang-Yol Ryu
The ultimate design question: "How should we live" as catalyst for "visioning values' in design and technology education
Steve Keirl
Technological change: Valuing change and changing values
Vasilije Kokotovich
Designing and teaching styles- A longitudinal study of pupils' ways of doing designing, following a complementary regrouping and teaching
Tony Lawler
Wiki-working: Fostering teamwork through E-learning
John Lee, Rowan Todd
First year students views of technology education
Kerry Lee
Taking the 'sus' out of sustainability
Kerry Lee, Sophia Douglas
The key factors that affect the success or failure of group based project lessons
Bradley Lidster
Collboration- A vehicle to support seamless and successful cross-institutional learning for pre-service design and technology education students
Denise MacGregor
An analysis of best practices in technology education in the United States
Gene Martin
Capable and competent: young children, values and technology education
Brent Mawson
Core disciplined study of technology: of value but not valued?
Jason Newcombe
Visions and realities: Teachers use of education technology in post compulsory education in the UK
Lawrence Nixon, Maggie Gregson, Trish Spedding
The use of technology practice for the enhancement of students' perceptions of mathematics
Stephen Norton
The integration of technology and mathematics learning
Stephen Norton, Tom Cooper
Do we all value all values in technology education?
Margarita Pavlova
On techno-theology and the sacred: Exploring technology and spirituality
Stephen Petrina, Franc Feng
What do we value? Research on technology education problems, issues, and standards in the United States
Philip A Reed
Values-based engineering decision-making: Dilemmas as an effective teaching methodology
Maxwell S Reid
Facilitating successful transitions to university study for technology educators: Evaluating a core undergraduate subject on communication and learning
Shirley Saunders
The role values play in forging skill and task performance: Case studies in cross-cultural and innovation education
Kurt Seemann
The demise of the practical arts in tertiary technology education
Lynn Sheridan
Learning through integrated inquiry from a technology education focus
Paul Snape
Creativity and emotion: An emerging schema-recognition of person, process and product
David Spendlove
Design and technology, values and critiquing: What an interesting mixture!
Larry Spry, Tony Curtis
Valuing creatiivity: The perceptions of learners and teachers and how these relate to performance
Kay Stables
Relating workplace values to technology education
John Stevenson
Core values and technology education
Ron F Suter
It's time to study values at the core of food technology education
Angela Turner, Kurt Seemann
The influence of differing values of teaching and learning in educational partnerships
Brenda Weal
Global technology education in a postmodern world: A case of irreconcilable values?
P John Williams
A motivating approach: "learning by project"- Design of an intercom telephone system
Hung-Jen Yang, Jui-Chen Yu, Hsieh-Hua Yang, Rong-Jyue Fang
Mobile technology value and the virtual friendship
Jui-Chen Yu, Hsieh-Hua Yang, Hung-Jen Yang, Rong-Jyue Fang
The influence of social factors on pupil's creativity in design and technology education
Kuang-Chao Yu, Ding Ming Wang

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