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TERC 2004 Peer Reviewed Papers Volume 1

A Spanner in the Works?
Kirsty Christer, Colin Chapman, Tim Lewis
Creativity in School Technology Education: A Chorus o f Voices
David Barlex
Crossing Educational Boundaries
Lindsay Brears
Design, Design, Go Away, Come Again Another Day: A Discussion about the Place o f Design in Technology Education
Kate Baulch
E−Data from E−Learning: Capturing the Cognitive Activity
Fred Beven
E−Learning Through Nga Toi Maori: Enriching our Children with Maori Digital Learning Objects
Mark Dashper, Lyn Whitley
From Idea−Generating to Idea−Focusing: Systematic Inventive Design and Problem−Solving Methods
Moshe Barak
From Pencil to Mouse: The 21st Century Animation House
Kelvin Baker
Internet Seeking and Motivation for Learning to Read
AnnBritt Enochsson
Managing Innovation: It's Role in Pre−Service Technology Teacher Education Programs
John Barlow
One School's Construction o f Interactive Learning Environments through Interactive Technology in Multiliteracies
Brendan Bartlett
Perceptions of Curriculum Implementation Needs in Design and Technology
Ian S Ginns
Researching School Change In Technology Education
Glenn Finger
So — What is Technological Knowledge? Developing a Framework for Technology Education in New Zealand
Vicki Compton
Teaching CAD: A Snap or Are We Missing the Point?
Ivan Chester
Technological Projects and Developing Higher Intellectual Skills
Moshte Barak
Technology Education Achievement Standards: Are They Fit for the Purpose?
Vicki Compton
The Implementation of The National Certificate of Educational Achievement: An Example of Technology
Kris Blewett
The Interweaving of Technology Education into a Thematic Environmental Program
Coral Campbell
The Narrative in Technology
Robert S Davis
Towards Successful Integration of ICTs in Classrooms: Teacher Professional Development at the Burleigh Heads LDC—ICT
Glenn Finger
Understanding Technological Systems: Classroom Implications for a Systems Approach
Lars Björklund
Using Video Feedback and Interpersonal Process Recall to Develop Competencies and Skills in Teachers
Michael Davies
Visual Mental Imagery, Creative Thinking and Design
Roy Barnes

TERC 2004 Peer Reviewed Papers Volume 2

Ask the Audience....Exploring Methods of Inclusiveness in Articulating Emotional Responses
Susan V McLaren
Assessment in Design and Technology Education for the Department of Education & Skills, UK
Richard Kimbell
Block Play as a Potential for Learning for Innovation in Technology Education in Early Childhood Classrooms
Beverley Jane
Can Technology Education, as a Separately Taught Subject, Assist Student Learning in Other Subject Areas?
Liam Herbert
Creating a Virtual Advising and Instruction System: Collaboration between Main and Satellite Campuses
William L Havice
Creativity and Innovation: Business as Usual or Critical Design and Technology Education as Usual?
Steve Keirl
Critiquing and Designing as Keys of Technological Literacy: Matters Arising from the Meeting
Steve Keirl
Design in Action: An Investigation into the Teaching of Design Skills in Primary Classrooms
Denise Macgregor
Evaluating the Booker Maths Software for Children and the Role of Software in the Curriculum
Ian Hay
History of Education for Sustainability in Australia
Howard Middleton
In a World of CAD, Should We Still Teach Manual Technical Drawing?
Susan V McLaren
Knowledge Transfer: Transfer of the Design Process from Technology Education to Other Contexts
Liam Herbert
Mental Models and Primary Web Page Construction
Christine Jeffs
On the Study o f Multimedia Courseware for Competence Indicators (Science and Technology) of Grade 1−9 Curriculum
Chorng-Shiuh Koong
Perspectives of "Digital Environment" for Information Studies of IT Education
Shinichi Matsubara
Sustainable Development Within Technology Education in France
Joël Lebeaume
Teacher Identity and the Changing Nature of Technology Education: An Exploratory Study
David Gooch
Teamwork in Meeting a Common Goal: Reflections from a Past Learning Experience
Kisilu M Kitainge
Technological Literacy as an Intangible Asset: The Value of Technological Literacy
John W Hansen
Transferring Workplace Design Practice into Educational Settings: A Case Study
Brent Mawson
What Professional Development Makes a Difference?
Ian S Ginns
Where Have the Fish Gone? A Case Study Exploring an Example of Biotechnology Related Work in a New Zealand Primary School
Louise Milne
An Interdisciplinary Approach to 'Sustainability' in Technology and Design Research and Education
Glenda Nalder

TERC 2004 Peer Reviewed Papers Volume 3

A Study of Technology Value Structure of Mobile Communication Usage in Taiwan
Hung-Jen Yang
Australia's Innovation Agenda for Technology Teachers: A Plain English Critique
Kurt Seemann
Capacity for Abstraction and the Applied Technology Learner
Kurt Seemann
Challenges for Introducing the Concept of Sustainable Development in French and Australian Secondary Schools
Margarita Pavlova
Creativity in Design and Technology: Find it, Promote it But Also Assess it?
Ian Williams
Educational Partnerships: The Delivery of Technology Education to Year 7 and 8 Students by External Providers
Brenda Weal
Expert Conceptions of Technology Education: Convergences and Divergences
Jason Newcombe
Female Perceptions of Technology
IngaBritt Skogh
Girls' Engagement and Learning of Science and Mathematics Through Lego® Construction
Stephen Norton
Innovation Education in NSW Design and Technology Curriculum
Angela Turner
Innovative Thinking as Meaning−Making
John Stevenson
Learning for Innovation In Engineering Programmes
Kin Wai Michael Siu
Linkage Between Science, Technology and Creativity in Taiwan's National Curriculum
Yuen-Shun James Wei
Student Approaches to Design In a Robotics Challenge
Stephen Norton
Supporting Creativity in the Classroom for D&T Pupils Aged 11−14 Years: The Role o f the Teacher
Marion Rutland
Supporting the Key Stage 3 National Strategy in Design & Technology: Developing Teachers Ability to Teach the Sub−skills of Designing
Rowan Todd
Sustainable Development: Is it an Educational Priority for French Students?
Margarita Pavlova
Teacher and Peer Assessment of Creativity in Technology Education
Alistair Webster
Technology Education: Innovation in Practice
Bradley Walmsley
The Influence of Design Briefs on Female Students Study Choices Regarding Technology Education
Stephen Turner
The Rationale and Evolution of Engineering Based Technology Teacher Education in Korea
Chang-Yol Ryu
The Temporal Dimension of Hypertextuality
Sorrel Penn-Edwards
Value−Laden and Ethical Decision−Making in a Multi−cultural Education Environment
Maxwell Reid

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