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TERC 2002 Preamble and ToC

Conference Preamble and ToC Volume 1
Howard Middleton, Margarita Pavlova, Dick Roebuck
Conference Preamble and ToC Volume 2
Howard Middleton, Margarita Pavlova, Dick Roebuck

TERC 2002 Full Proceedings

Conference Full Proceedings Volume 1
Howard Middleton, Margarita Pavlova, Dick Roebuck
Conference Full Proceedings Volume 2
Howard Middleton, Margarita Pavlova, Dick Roebuck

TERC 2002 Peer Reviewed Papers Volume 1

Safety Instruction: A Case of Missing Identity
Geoff Badham
9 Technology Teacher Education: Is it Time to do a Maslow?
John Barlow
The Transformation of Queensland JuniorSecondary School Manual Arts into Technology Education: A Qualitative Analysis of the Teacher's Role
Roy J Barnes, Ivan R Chester
How do Learners Engage with Hypermedia in Vocational On-line Learning?
Fred Beven
Teaching Strategies of Technological Literacy Education in Teacher's Colleges: A Case Study on Craft Course in Hualien Teacher's College
Yuhshan Chang, Hsuiyen Wei
The Application of Knowledge Elicitation Techniques in the Computer-based Technology Education Environment
Ivan Chester
Making Progress: Progression and Technology Education in New Zealand
Vicki Compton, Cliff Harwood
Using the Technology of the Internet to Enhance the Literacy Development of Secondary Students with Reading Problems
Kim Cooney, Ian Hay
Contingency in the Classroom Design Process
Robert S Davis, Campbell J McRobbie, Ian Ginns
The Process of Design in Technology Education
Louis R Ewington
Theme-based Instruction Design is Centered on Technology
Rong-Jang Fang, Tung-Chung Tsai
Improving Students' ICT Use: The LDCT at Burleigh Heads State School
Glenn Finger, Nigel Baker, Debbie Nagel, Kerry Rarere
Teaching Technology – Design Briefs and Rich Tasks: Contradictions and Challenges Facing Future Teachers
Glenn Finger, David Adam-Jones, Chris Vickers
The Relationship Between Out of Context Assessment Tasks in Technology Education and that of the Same Task Embedded in Authentic Classroom Technological Practice
Wendy Fox-Turnbull
What Teachers Really Know About Technology When They Claim They Don't Know?
Ian Ginns, Christine V McDonald, Campbell J McRobbie
Implementing Technology Education in a High School: A Case Study
Christopher Hamilton, Howard Middleton
The Implementation of the Technology Curriculum in New Zealand: The Results of National School Sampling Study
Ann Harlow, Alister Jones, Bronwen Cowrie
Sustainable Technology Learning by Theatre-Playing
Wolfgang Haupt, Jurgen Wehling, Thomas Langkau
Walking the Minefield: Technology Research in a New Zealand Intermediate School
Fiona Haynes
A Strategic Framework for Research in Technology Education
Marie Hoepfl
Educational Reform and the Technology Education Curriculum in Taiwan's Primary Schools
Chia-Sen Jimmy Huang
Integration of Academic and Extra-Curricular Technology Education in One School System Near Lake Biwa, Japan
Yasumasa Itakura
Narratives in Technology Education
Beverley Jane
Computer-Based Assessment: Its Use and Effects on Student Learning
Judith Kearney, Margaret Fletcher, Brendan Bartlett
Hedgehogs, Foxes, Crows, and Other 'Intelligent' Beings: Explorations of the Relationship Between Multiple Intelligence Theory and Design and Technology
Steve Keirl
Against the Provincialism of Customary Existence: Issues Arising from the Interplay of 'Essential Learnings', Design and Technology and General Education
Steve Keirl
Significant Research Problems Relating to Teaching
Kisilu M Kitainge
Examining Models for Implementing Technology Education in Queensland Primary Schools
Vicki Knopke
Theory Meets Practice: Lecturers at a College of Education Put Theory into Practice when They Teach Technology Education on a Regular Basis to Year 7 & 8 Children
Kerry Lee
Teaching Students Creativity in Technology Education in Taiwan
Ta-Wei Lee, Yuh-Shan Chang
What Learning Styles Do Students Have in LT (Living Technology) Classrooms?: Perceptions of Model Bridge Structuring Activity
Ranlong Lin
Understanding Design in Primary Design and Technology
Denise J MacGregor

TERC 2002 Peer Reviewed Papers Volume 2

The Use of Information Technologies in the Teacher Training Course for Technology Education, Production of Digital Contents: "Australian Life and Culture"
Shinichi Matsubara
A Very Different Experience: Teacher Practice and Children's Learning
Brent Mawson
Collaboration: The Challenge of ICT
Robert McCormick
"It's Just Computers and Electrical Stuff…": Changes in Students' Views of Technology in a Year 7 Classroom
Christine V McDonald, Ian Ginns, Campbell J McRobbie
The Model of Situated Cognition: Lessons for Technology Education
Ann McGrath
Working Together To Improve Practice: The Intad Project
Howard Middleton, David Gooch
Application of an Analytical Framework to Describe Young Students' Learning in Technology
Louise Milne, Megan Chambers, Judy Moreland, Alister Jones
Learning in and Through Technology: Modes of Engagement
Glenda Nalder
Developing Professional Designers in Information Environments: A Problem-oriented Case Study Approach in Technology Education
Mia O'Brien, Stephen Viller
Primary Teacher Beliefs and Practices in Working and Thinking Scientifically and Technologically
Kathryn Paige
"Teaching" Values in Technology Education: A Critical Approach for the Theoretical Framework
Margarita Pavlova
Values in Technology Education: A Two-Country Study
Margarita Pavlova, Howard Middleton
How People Learn: Contributions to Framing a Research Agenda for Technology Education
James W Pellegrino
A Week out in Wellington: Studying the Technological Practice of Television
Ruth Pritchard, Douglas Ferry
Developing Standards-Based Technology Education Curricula
Edward M Reeve
Talking a Design into Existence: Making Model Parachutes
Patricia M Rowell
Resource Sharing and Collaboration as a Strategy to Improve Quality
Michael Sutter
Holistic Technology Education
Kurt Seemann
Constructivist vs Behaviourist Approaches in Design Computing Education: Implications for the Innovation Economy
Kurt Seemann
Information Technology Students' Changes in Personal Constructs About Technological Activity
Sarah J Stein
An Integrated Approach to Describing Technology Education Classrooms
Sarah J Stein, Ian Ginns, Campbell J McRobbie
Transforming Learners Through Technology Education
John Stevenson
Nurturing All-Rounded Problem Solvers: Enabling Students to Recognise, Discover, and Invent Problems
Kin Wai Michael Siu
Hands-On, Minds-On Technology to Reinforce Understanding of Fundamental Science and Technology Principles
Rick Swindell, Jim Richmond, John Waller
Research on Constructing Web-Based Courses in the Open University
Ching-Ping Tzung
Breaking Down Barriers in Design and Technology: Recent Experiences in Hong Kong Gender Equity Initiatives
Ken Volk, Yip Wai Ming, Lo Ting Kau
Technology Education and Higher-Order Thinking
Brad Walmsley
Multimedia in Technology Teacher Education
Jurgen Wehling, Wolfgang Haupt
Issues in the Delivery of International Technology Education
Shaun Wellbourne-Wood, P John Williams
Crisis in Technology Education in Australia
P John Williams
A Study of Implementation of Teaching Thinking Skill in Junior-High Technology Education in Taiwan
Lan-Hua Wong, Hung-Jen Yang, Rong-Jui Fong, Jui-Chen Yu
The Effects of Computer Networks on Education
Kuang-Chao Yu, Ming-Huei Chang, Fu-Hsing Tsai

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