Open Conference Systems, 1st TERC, 2000 (NEW NAME- DATTArc)

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Beverley Jane, Leissa Kelly

Last modified: 2018-01-30


The aims of this research project are to explore the influence of several different assessment strategies on modelling in technology education. The context of the research is primary teacher education, where pre-service teachers undertake a core unit, Primary Technology Education, in their final year of study. In this paper we examine the purposes of modelling in technology education in Victoria, and describe the influence of the assessment strategies (journal entries, technological activities, community project and technology curriculum/teaching task) on these purposes. To provide for triangulation of data we observe students engaged in technological tasks, dialogue with them in semi-structured interviews to identify students' perceptions of the design process, and use modelling in their design journals as a meta-cognitive tool. An analysis of the research data indicates the influence of various assessment strategies on students' modelling. The research findings add to our understanding of the role of assessment in technology education.

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