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Redesigning design and technology
Alison Hardy


Proposal and effects of problem-solving lessons using autonomous robots
Nurul Ain Shalihah Binti Ismail, Yuichi Hasuda, Muhammad Syahir Bin Abdul Ramad
Robot design by incorporating mechatronics in information science classes.
Muhammad Syahir bin Abdul Ramad, Yuichi Hasuda, Nurul Ain Shalihah binti Ismail
Future visions of Design and technology
Matt McLain, Alison Hardy
Technology Teachers’ Readiness from Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive Aspects and Self-Efficacy in STEM Education
CHIH-JUNG KU, Kuen-Yi Lin, Cho Ting Mak, Ying-Shao Hsu, Hyuksoo Kwon
Exploring Double-Directed Digital Peer-Feedback in Primary STEM Education Focusing Agenda 2030
Eva Hartell, Ernest Ampadu, Helena Lennholm
Assessment Practices in Computer Programming
Eva-Lena Bjursten, Lena Gumaelius, Eva Hartell
K-ULF- an agile model for participatory practitioner-based research in STEM education
Eva Hartell, Cecilia Kozma, Arnold Pears


Making design learning visible in different national and curriculum contexts: an international exploratory collaborative project with teachers and researchers
Kay Stables, Eva Hartell, Remke Klapwijk, Nicolaas Blom, Osnat Dagan, Donal Canty, Ritesh Khunyakari
It takes two perspectives to tango: pedagogic choreography in the context of embedded formative assessment in D&T
Kay Stables, Remke Klapwijk, Nicolaas Blom, Donal Canty, Osnat Dagan, Eva Hartell, Ritesh Khunyakari

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