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Keynote and Welcome Address
Amy Cutter-MacKenzie-Knowles


Girls as Leaders in STEM – enabled through design technology
Coral Campbell
Students’ reflection of engineering design activities in a robot design course
Yu-Hung Chien
Comparison and Analysis of Energy Education in Australia and Taiwan
Ya-Zhu Xu, Szu-Chun Fan, Mei-Chen Chang
A visual design exercise on designing flags with school students in India.
Anisha Malhotra Dalvi, Adithi Muralidhar, Disha M Dbritto, Sugra Chunawala
Diversity of design solutions to help another person in a real world problem context
Megha Suryakant Chougule, Anisha Malhotra-Dalvi, Sugra Chunawala, Adithi Muralidhar
Using social media to develop ‘networked’ pre-service teachers and prepare them for teaching with technology
Natalie Marie McMaster, Janet Martin, Michael Carey, David Martin
Virtual Reality technology use in Western Australian Secondary Schools
Zina Cordery
Itinerant technology teacher policy in Taiwan – a solution for the shortage of technology education teacher.
Bohung Lee, Mei-chen Chang


Making design learning visible in different national and curriculum contexts: an international exploratory collaborative project with teachers and researchers
Kay Stables, Eva Hartell, Remke Klapwijk, Nicolaas Blom, Osnat Dagan, Donal Canty, Ritesh Khunyakari
It takes two perspectives to tango: pedagogic choreography in the context of embedded formative assessment in D&T
Kay Stables, Remke Klapwijk, Nicolaas Blom, Donal Canty, Osnat Dagan, Eva Hartell, Ritesh Khunyakari

ATTEN Strategic Planning

Are we there yet? How one school system is addressing the Australian ‘STEM School Education Strategy’
Leanne Cameron

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