Open Conference Systems, 11th DATTArc-ICTE-TENZ-ITEEA 2022

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Fostering Basic AI Literacy through AI Developing Experience in a Japanese Elementary School
Tetsuya Bando, T Oka, M Fukui, Y Sasaki, A Motozawa, M Kuroda, N Fujihara

Building: BUILDING C
Room: Breakout Room C615 ♥︎
Date: 2022-12-08 11:40 AM – 12:15 PM
Last modified: 2022-11-21


The Japanese government plans for 2025 that all high school students can acquire basic literacy in math, AI, and data science when graduating from school. It creates a need to learn about AI step by step from elementary to high school. So far, there are some proposals for AI education for K-12 students and some practices in Japan. They can be the two types: learnings to use AI and to understand the basic mechanisms of AI. However, the number of studies is limited, especially about how learning AI can start effectively in elementary schools and bridge to junior high schools. Therefore, this study conducted a trial class practice of developing AI for elementary school students that can be a foothold for developing AI-related learning in elementary schools. This study was for 5th graders and on image classification. The results showed 1) students evaluated the class practice generally favorably even though the learning materials were a little difficult, 2) students’ knowledge and interest increased, and 3) this experience increased their interest, especially among students who never experienced AI. The results indicate that giving an experience with AI at elementary schools can stimulate the students’ knowledge of and interest in AI.


developing AI; Elementary school; image classification

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