Open Conference Systems, 11th DATTArc-ICTE-TENZ-ITEEA 2022

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Creativity & Entrepreneurship Learning Area in Primary Education of Lesotho
Nthoesele Edwin Mohlomi

Building: BUILDING C
Room: Breakout Room C617 ♣︎
Date: 2022-12-09 12:05 PM – 12:40 PM
Last modified: 2022-11-22


Lesotho views education as the cornerstone to achieve social justice, economic freedom and environmental adaptation (NSDP II 2019-2023; ESP 2016-2026; Ministry of Education and Training, 2009). Therefore, at the foundation phase of her education (Grades R three for five - eight year old) aims to nurture children’s humanity and improve diverse opportunities for learning and at intermediate phase (Grades four – seven for nine - twelve years old) targets the creativity and technical skills development (Ministry of Education and Training, 2021). The curriculum at these phases is organised into learning areas and one of them is Creativity and Entrepreneurship (C&E).  Design & Technology is interwoven into the C&E learning area. The objective of the learning area is to inculcate and promote understanding of physical, socio-economic and technological environment, with the intention to have the appropriate attitudes and values to apply creative and entrepreneurial skills to everyday life challenges (Integrated Primary Curriculum, 2014). The paper has used qualitative interpretivism methodology. Data was collected through interviews, observation and documents analysis while participants were teachers and learners. The findings have shown the vast creativity and entrepreneurial skills to learners that linked to the physical, socio-economic and technological environment of Lesotho.


Creativity, Entrepreneur, Learning Area, Primary education

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